Our Mission Statement
To serve the Criminal Justice System by providing the Courts with quality, objective information so that viable, rehabilitative sentencing options are explored.

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Truth In Sentencing Investigations are regularly updated on the newest and most recently established sentencing guidelines. These guidelines are reviewed and verified on each and every Pre-Sentence investigation written. Rehabilitative, community based options change often in the various communities I provide services to. Those ever changing options are explored thoroughly, thereby insuring that a viable, workable, and meaningful recommendation can be made to the Court. My services are monetarily competitive with any private agency, and I stand firmly behind my ethical and professional standards. Lastly, I make every effort to personally attend every sentencing date. I have found, from previous experience as a senior agent, that personal attendance is appreciated and adds credibility to the investigation process.

Investigative Objectives

  • Criminal History of the Defendant
  • Medical and Psychological History
  • Education, Employment and Family History
  • Defendant Statement
  • Victim Statement
  • Explore all Rehabilitative Options
  • Explore all Community Programs




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